Deadhand Raiders

Race:  Undead
Coach:  lukeadrian
The Deadhand Raiders are forged on the knowledge that every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. Fame and glory are as certain to them as death itself, whether in this life or the next... or the next. Maybe this is the beginning that will catapult the Raiders into the Blood Bowl Hall of Fame.

Team info:

Captain: Crush Marrow
Colours: Black and Silver
Home Stadium: Wilted Field Mausoleum
Theme Song: Back in Black
Major Sponsor: Zombway

Deadhand Raiders team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 3rd, 2019
Hard Blocks: Ep2
No Ivan… No Worries!

The Raiders are off to a solid start to the season having now moved into top spot after their win over the Konoha Foxes Deadhand Raiders - Konoha Foxes (MBBL Season 20, Round 3). The win puts the Raiders on a 2-1-0 record and has fans hopeful that the early good form can be maintained as the season really heats up.

The round four match against the evenly matched Chaos Dwarves, the Mad Hatters, poses a number of interesting questions as the Raiders will go into the match without Ivan ‘the Animal’ Deathshroud. The star wight’s services have been available in the previous two match ups as the Raiders have been heavy underdogs who received significant inducements from the league.

Deathshoud’s influence in the previous two rounds has been significant, arguably the key factor in the tie with the Follies and prolific in the victory over the Foxes. The question has begun to circulate the media about the Raiders ability to win without the key position player. Against the Hatters, its no doubt the Raiders will be tested.

The Hatters have a tough front line and hard running offence. Seeming to favour strength and speed to move the ball with both the teams Bull Centaurs recording good yardage each carry thus far this season. If the Hatters continue with this brand of play, the Raiders will need to find a response and without Ivan ‘the Animal’ Deathshroud we will certainly learn something about the developing Raiders.

Raiders wight – James Cowler is confident his team isn’t reliant on star player factor. The rookie, who is yet to have much of an impact on field, had this to say in an interview post training yesterday.

“The chance to run out there next to a player like ‘the Animal’ was amazing and he worked really well with the team however we don’t need him. We have some real talent on this team and we are looking forward to showing that against the Hatters”

The Deadhand Raiders - Mad Hatters (MBBL Season 20, Round 4) match up is sure to be another tough encounter. The Raiders who sit atop the table, will be looking to prove their mettle after speculation over their season success circulates. With a forfeit win and the other results heavily impacted by ‘the Animal’ will the Raiders prove their the real deal or just a bunch of dead men walking?
- lukeadrian
Aug. 22nd, 2019
Hard Blocks: Ep1
Finally Back in the Black!

Raiders fans may have had to wait to round two to see their team don the black jersey and take to the pitch for the first time, but they were treated to a classic against the Florentine Follies Florentine Follies - Deadhand Raiders (MBBL Season 20, Round 2). In a game that went down to the final seconds, the heavily underdog Raiders posted a 2-2 draw. Keeping themselves in touch with the undefeated teams at the top of the table. In his press conference post match, Raiders coach Luke Adrian had this to say;

“I’m really pleased with the boys first crack under match conditions. We were slow to get started but I was particularly pleased with the leadership of our captain – Crush Marrow. He came out after half time and really rallied the rest of the team which ultimately led to Ivan doing what he does and getting us back in the game”

The match wasn’t without cost for the Raiders though with Ghoul – Kreep Stink fatally struck down by Follies Blitzer - Atsoc. When asked about the incident the Raiders coach was not overly concerned.

“Yeah, it’s a tough sport sometimes and we expect these things to happen. I know the lads will not miss Kreep’s bizarre habits at training (laughter) but we will need to fill his position for sure. I will say that Atsoc is a fair player though isn’t he? There were a number of times throughout the match today where I felt the team had positioned well but Atsoc just stepped it up when it counted. What did he end up with? Two casualties and a touch down? I mean that’s a fair day at the office and the Follies really seemed to respond to his lead.”

The Raiders next match is against Vampire outfit, the Konoha Foxes who have started the season with two straight losses. But the Raiders won’t be underestimating the team currently at the bottom of the table. Raiders coach making these remarks;

“Next week will be another tough match for us. The Foxes have played the current two undefeated teams and have pushed both of them, so we will certainly be bringing our A game. We know that the Foxes are well coached and that their best is capable of beating anyone in this competition so we certainly won’t be treating them as anything but dangerous.”

Round 3 should prove to be a doozey as the competition heats up. The Raiders will go in underdogs once again despite the ladder position. The question hot on punters lips is will the Raiders recall Ivan ‘the Animal’ Deathshroud after his impressive performance today or will circulating rumours of Frank N Stein potentially getting a call up prove true?
- lukeadrian
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MOBB Season 17, MBBL Season 20
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