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Florentine Follies

gate: 20 000
2 TD score 2
cas score
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Deadhand Raiders


profile Atsoc
TD Scorers
profile Antoenail Brown
profile Doug Hartin
Foulers (no cas)

Badly Hurt'ers
profile Maxx Crossby
foul by profile Badknee Bloodsun
profile Crush Marrow

profile Atsoc
Serious Injurers

profile Atsoc
Completions By
Interceptions By

Oivil Id
MVP awards to
profile Maxx Crossby
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
victim regenerated
profile Kreep Stink dead
Result added August 22nd, 2019

Match notes
After both being involved in forfeits in round one, the Florentine Follies and the Deadhand Raiders took to the pitch last night for the first time in the MBBL.

The opening was a sedate affair, both teams sizing each other up. Midway through the first half the Follies turned it up a notch (or three) stealing the ball from the Raiders, and quickly advanced upfield to a secure scoring position. Seeing out the half they took a 1-0 lead into the break.

Early in the second half the Raiders surrounded the wall of knights protecting the ball. Trying to fight themselves clear, the Follies failed terribly and soon the scores were level.
Finding themselves once again under pressure, the Follies threw caution to the wind and surged forward almost recklessly. The risk paid off and once again the Raiders fell behind on the scoreboard. The undead, however, kept returning to the pitch and superior numbers allowed them to level the game just before the siren wailed.

Star Player Ivan “The Animal” Deathshroud ably supported the Raiders, but could not prevent the death of ghoul Kreep Stink. Meanwhile Bretonnian Blitzer Atsoc lead from the front with 2 Casualties and a TD, his efforts no doubt inspiring his colleagues in the future (ie. guy with Leader rolled doubles and took Guard).
A game of solid Undead play contrasted with moments of Bretonnian brilliance. Much fun.

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