Motley Crew ft. Lizards

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Dane

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Dec. 11th, 2017 - old news
Its been a fun and enjoyable inaugural season for the Motley Crew ft. Lizards, from suffering a turnover and counter score in the very first drive of the very first game, to grinding out the remaining games and keeping a clean sheet for the remainder of the season. A season full of unlikely plays, frustrating ball pickup failures, and great opponents.

MBBL Season 16 MVP
A most unlikely winner of the teams MVP award, going to none other than the Hobgoblin Sir Emergencyrations himself! Originally brought onto the team as dinner for Arry the Bull Lizard, Sir Emergencyrations niggled a Human Blitzer and was awarded MVP in his very first game, earning the Kick skill. He then proceeded to complete a Pass in the second game, securing a vital turn 8 score against a tricky High Elf team. Going from strength to strength, in the remaining games he found himself at the right place at the right time, earning two touchdowns, an additional CAS, and numerous critical ball carrier blitzes as the teams last line of defence against those pesky faster opponents.

MBBL Season 16 Highlight Play
An unlikely turn 16 score against the Bronze division other top player, Time Travelling Space Robots. After a series of catastrophic fuck ups, Nobbla Blackwart the Star Player managed to find himself with the ball, performing a series of four consecutive 3+ dodges, two GFIs and a 5+ throw to a Dwarven Blocker, who cleanly makes the 4+ catch and the subsequent two GFIs to score. All without a reroll. Truly a 1% play made entirely out of desperation!

So long, Farewell
A fond farewell to Seor Tacklezone, retired early on the season after suffering a MA.
- Dane
Tournaments played:
MOBB Season 13, MBBL Season 16, MBBL Season 17
Playing in:
MBBL Season 18
Trophies won:

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