Game Nights
Round 1 - Friday, March 19
Round 2 - Friday, April 09
Round 3 - Friday, April 30
Round 4 - Friday, May 21
Round 5 - Friday, June 11

Game nights will be every third Friday and we will be meeting at the bar in Fortress Melbourne https://www.fortressmelbourne.com/ . There is no entry fee or table hire cost. However, they do ask as a group to partake in a drink or two or some food from the bar. This will be an experiment to see if it works for us and them.

As always while the preference is that you attend game night, you are free to organise your games, with your opponent’s consent, at another venue.


It is with great pleasure that the Commissioners, Andrew (Lord T) Gav (Grey Squirrel) and Matt (Dazedmw), are announcing the restart of the MBBL for 2021 and are inviting coaches to sign up for the season. May the messy COVID times be a thing of the past. The MBBL website has been updated with the new team lists and will be ready to run seasons with new rules in coming weeks.

Given the new edition of the game, Bloodbowl 2020 (BB2020), everybody is starting from scratch and the decision has been made to have a pre-season competition. This will be slightly shorter than the standard MBBL season and will allow coaches to have a chance to get to know the new rules, get some skill ups on players. Finishing record will also determine which division (Gold, Silver or Bronze) their team will start in for the full MBBL season in late 2021.

The preseason will consist of coaches playing in a round robin of five or six games (determined by total number of coaches). The preseason will not count towards redrafting teams will go straight from preseason into the season proper which will start in July. There will also be the option of starting a brand new team in July, however you will be allocated to Bronze division. A full rebuy (as per BB2020 rules) will take place at the end of the full MBBL season.

Timing is still a little uncertain however the preseason should start around the start of March with a full MBBL season commencing July.

Sign Up
If you are an existing MBBL member, send an email with your Team Name and Race to commish.mbbl@gmail.com. we will set up your team and you can get to buying players.
If you are new to the league, also please provide name, coach name, mobile and email address.

Signups have closed for the preseason. There will be a new season starting July 2021

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Feb. 23rd, 2021
First round
On the 19th of March!

May all your dice be POWs!
- Lord T
Feb. 11th, 2021 - old news
Important dates
Sign up closes midnight on the 19th of February

First round will be early March
- Lord T
Jan. 19th, 2021 - old news
Preseason MBBL 22 is open!
A series of round robins is being put together as a preseason to MBBL 22.

All teams will be brand new and everybody starting from scratch under the new BB2020 rules.

Sign up now!
- Lord T
Dec. 16th, 2019 - old news
MBBL Season 21 Begins Soon!
Season 21 of MBBL is now open for entry. Just add your selected team. Entries close January 14, so get them in soon!

Big thanks to Moraiwe for all his work as a commissioner! Moraiwe has moved on and we will be installing a new shiny commissioner shortly.
- Temp
June 14th, 2019 - old news
MBBL Season 20 Begins Soon
Hey all, Season 20 of MBBL is now open for entry. Just add your selected team. Entries close July 4, so get them in soon!
- Moraiwe

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