Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers

Race:  Slann
Coach:  Astrosimian
The small temple city of Tzlatlan - built in the swampland between the mighty temple cities of Zlatlan and Tlatlan - has three main industries: mud, malaria and mosquitoes. While the first two are only good for keeping tourists away, the third helps fuel some of the highest-jumping, mightiest leapers ever seen: The Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers.

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Sep. 20th, 2019 - NEW !!!
The Sacred Plaque
Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers - Konoha Foxes (MBBL Season 20, Round 4)

Upsetting loss.

The Puddle Jumpers lost their matchup versus the Konoha Foxes yesterday.

Despite the Vampires overwhelming blood lust, they managed to stymie both our offense and defense; shutting us out and hurting quite a few players (both Slann and their own Thralls) in the process: linefrog Cihuatl and blitzer Xiztu both out for the next match with Xiztu suffering a long term injury.

These injuries have made it necessary for the team to procure the services of no fewer than 3 journeymen from the minor leagues for our next match against the Mad Hatters.

This has also made it imperative that our linefrogs step up and take a more proactive role in gameplay. To this end, coach Simian and the defensive coordinator have been training Yeyi Xochitl and Cuauhtemocli in the art of the quick takedown.
- Astrosimian
Aug. 29th, 2019
The Sacred Plaque
Florentine Follies - Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers (MBBL Season 20, Round 3)

Defensive win!

Thanks to the hired services of Hemlock and a wizard (as well as the debut of our Mosquito Night promotion), the Puddle Jumpers were able to knock the ball free and score during the Follies’ opening drive. Sadly, the score was bought at cost of blitzer Chapol-in’s long term health as he suffered a niggling injury dodging away from Bretonnian players.

Unfortunately our offensive drive in the second half wasn’t as successful with the ball changing hands several times. We were finally able to secure it but couldn’t complete the pass to move the ball to Huitzilin, who was waiting in the endzone.

The team has struggled against higher strength opponents so the win is a real confidence boost.
- Astrosimian
Aug. 8th, 2019
The Sacred Plaque
Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers - Blandings Casuals (MBBL Season 20, Round 2)

Another draw which, sadly, saw the death of catcher Chapulin Atl.

Both teams worked hard to stymie their opponent’s offensive drive. A successful blitz by a saurus in the first half saw the ball knocked loose with neither team able to recover.

In the dying seconds of the second half, linefrog Cuauhtemocli was able to blitz and stun the ball carrier (the only skink left on the field), leaving only saurii to attempt to get the ball, which they were unable to do.

We welcome new recruit Jur'nii'mān to the team.
- Astrosimian
July 24th, 2019 - old news
The Sacred Plaque
Tzlatlan Puddle Jumpers - Badlands Waaagh-iors (MBBL Season 20, Round 1)

The Puddle Jumpers came away with a draw against the Badlands Waaagh-iors in our first match of season 20.

The orcs won the toss and bullied their way down the pitch, injuring 3 players, including taking catcher Huitzilin out of the lineup for the next game. A bit of pressure forced the orcs to score early but we were unable to equalise before the end of the half.

Second half started well with a quick snap that allowed us to surf an orc blitzer into the crowd and then Yeyi Xochitl knocked out a black orc (earning the plucky frog the MVP) to open a hole in the orc lines and help us work our way down the pitch screening ball carrier Xiztu.

The orcs started to close around our formation, blocking lanes to get through when “Star Player” Bomma Dribblesnot threw a bomb which was intercepted and tossed back, knocking a group of orcs to the ground and giving the Puddle Jumpers room to break through and allowing Chapol-in to score.

Unfortunately that left the orcs a quarter of the match to score to win. Constant attacks on the cage and then, eventually, lone orc ball carrier prevented a loss.
- Astrosimian
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