Avelorn Avengers

Race:  High Elf
Coach:  marwin
There was an idea called the Avengers Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could."

Avelorn Avengers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 18th, 2018
Final 2 Games for Avelorn Avengers!
This is it! potentially the last 2 games for the avelorn avengers and their coach! after 2 seasons without a trophy, the board of director is weighting the coach's contract by the end of the season. The bagels is his last 2 games to be played and today's paper says:

"Now, looking ahead to tonight’s big match we have the hometown favourites The Carnegie Bagels up against, love ‘em or hate ‘em, The Avelorn Avengers.”

“The Bagels have fought long and hard to get here tonight, through draws and wins through forfeiture. I, for one, want to see that work pay off. I’ve got a real soft spot for those bagels.”

“Me too. But let’s look at Avelorn’s team. Have they all had a makeover?”

“Spent more time in the salon than on the pitch. I mean, what aspects of the game, other than dancing and selfies with the crowd, is this team good at?! I’ll admit, they are important aspects of the game.”

“True but lacking a big guy and with only one player with guard, there’s a lot of pressure on Tony Skank. I hope he’s packing a spare arc-reactor!”

“He’ll be no match for Yonny McFist! I’d stay well away from him.”

“Have you met him? Sweetest guy off the pitch...”

will it be bittersweet end for the coach?
- marwin
May 8th, 2018
Match Highlights
Avelorn Avengers - S-Mart Boomsticks (MBBL Season 17, Round 3)

Talking points as last season's replay a...

1. Last season's defeat haunts the Avengers
Last season's defeat after a thrilling 3-4 game and risk of not getting promoted has forced the Avengers to play tactically against the broomsticks by creating a defensive formation and left no room for error or pass through, however, mistakes on both last second of the half allows the broomsticks to made a blitz, opening a pathway to equalize every lead.

2. Question of mentality
Both mistakes on both last turn of the drive were failing to dodge out from enemy tackle zones even after rerolls. So its more to like a "given" for the opponent to score so easily after a solid solid defensive wall through out the drive.
- marwin
May 8th, 2018
Player Spotlight: Hang Pym
Hang Pym

He has made 25 completions, currently sitting as the top throwers of MBBL S17, awarded two MVP in his career, who is this elf? what makes him so special that other coach puts a bounty on him? here's a statement from a pre-season interview on his thoughts of his second season as an Avengers:

"I believe in the Avengers. We came together to face threats no single individual could withstand. To make the world a safer place. Perhaps it was a simpler time. Perhaps we were naive. Jocasta just asked me where I'd be without the Avengers. I've thought long and hard about that. And I know, without question... I'd be dead. Or insane. Or in prison. Or just not doing anyone much good. The Avengers have saved the world countless times. But they have also saved me. Have I faced hard times as a result of being an Avenger? Definitely. But I've also experienced some of the greatest moments of my life. Seen and done thing no other bloodbowl players can ever imagine. I've had the priviledge of fighting beside some of the greatest heroes--and best friends--the world's ever seen. And I've found happiness. More than I probably deserve. If I'd never become an Avenger, I might have lived a quiet, contented, productive life as a Phoenix Guard. But it's just as likely I'd have struggled with the same demons---depression, mental illness, suicidal thoughts--and not make it out the other side. And I wouldn't have had the great honor of playing for Avelorn "

His agility boost has won his team a couple of matches with sublime long passes, resilient ball carrier, even doing the hard work on jumping into tackle zones and pick up the ball, surely they want to keep him alive and efficient as much as they can, after all this is blood bowl!

Is Hang Pym the greatest thrower of all time?
- marwin
May 8th, 2018
Avelorn Avengers - Ostland Bulls (MBBL Season 17, Round 2)

First defeat of the season, some talking...

1. Failling to pass the ball costs the Avengers the game.
Retrieved the ball from the opponent, it takes a single failed throw to a ready elf catcher on the other side of the pitch, that the ostland bulls were able to reclaim the ball and then score the equalizer on the first half. Avengers' coach looks dejected.

2. The Avengers didnt give up easily, and so does the fans!
It was so close for the Avengers to salvage a point as the "Riot" event triggers, sadly the bulls defended well to cancel probably the best comeback of the season.
- marwin
Tournaments played:
MBBL Season 16
Playing in:
MBBL Season 17
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