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Pretentious Prats

gate: 11 000
6 TD score 0
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Khorne’s Chosen


Aethelred the Unready
Carldur Highaine
Tusarnil Aedire
Tusarnil Aedire
Sorcturrmaillin Saelin
Carldur Highaine
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)
Sent off
Fist Flesh

Harldir Aerhaine
Badly Hurt'ers
Death Slake

Lylynnarion Thaorthar

Salllithil Thaororin
Blood Curse
mercenary / star

Harldir Aerhaine
Orthelmoellith Larenha
Completions by
Doom Grim
Doom Grim
TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Deflections by

Aethelred the Unready
MVP awards to
Eye Sate
Sustained Injuries
Miss Next Game
Eye Sate
-1 AG
Eye Sate

Angoedaen Caemeus dead
Kornian Spellorinh dead
Gibber Crush dead
Result added August 5th, 2022

Match notes
Khorne gifted his minions an amazing five "argue the ref" calls, meaning the damnable chainsaw just kept coming back, and back, and back .... wierd game - chaos ridden with blood for the Blood God in abundance.

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