The Melbourne Blood Bowl League is a table top Blood Bowl league that plays out of Good Games in the CBD.

The primary league, MBBL, runs two seasons a year with play on every third Friday and seasons commencing roughly the end of January and the end of July each year. The MBBL runs three divisions, Gold, Silver and Bronze with promotion and relegation at the end of each season.

The Melbourne Open Blood Bowl (MOBB) runs casually all year round, with games made casually between coaches. Teams can be prepared in the MOBB league for entry into the next MBBL season.

Season 17 begins February 2018 with the following dates for rounds:

Round 1 - February 2
Round 2 - February 23
Round 3 - March 16
Round 4 - April 6
Round 5 - April 27
Round 6 - May 18
Round 7 - Jun 8

If you are interested in playing Blood Bowl in Melbourne, come join us in the MBBL or MOBB. Either contact us on commish.mbbl@gmail.com or you can visit our league forums at www.ausbowl.com.

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Dec. 20th, 2017
Season 17 now open for entry
Pretty much as the heading states. You may now enter your chosen team into Season 17.
You can do this even if you intend on playing MOBB games before the season begins.
- Moraiwe
Oct. 27th, 2017 - old news
Team Painting and Player Identification
A reminder to all our coaches out there. For reference the MBBL rule on this issue states;

"Any figures are welcome to be used, if positions are easily identifiable, and players are numbered as per their roster.

Star players don't have to be proper figures, once again, just must be recognisable.

Teams should be painted to a reasonable standard with at least 3 colours on them. Some leniency will be shown by commissioner, and no in game penalty apply, if the painting is showing progression throughout the season."

See below for further discussion;

- Dazed
Oct. 27th, 2017 - old news
Rules Clarification - The Swift Twins
The MBBL ruling is the Swift Twins count as 1 star for the purposes of the 0-2 star players rule in inducements. This rule will be in place until the end of the Season 16 and then will be reviewed in light of any possible NAF/official clarifications on the subject.
- Dazed
July 18th, 2017 - old news
Div 3 Schedule now fully loaded
Should be all correct now.
- Moraiwe
July 14th, 2017 - old news
MBBL Ruleset
The ruleset has been updated, and a few changes worth noting for Season 16:
Release of new Star Players. The MBBL website has been updated to reflect this;
New inducements. Note due to the new inducements in place the CRP Wizard is no longer an inducement option in MBBL;
New rosters for Goblins, and Chaos Pact as per the MBBL website (minor changes to each);
Skill clarifications which generally fall in line with previous CRP rules; and
Brettonians are now allowed in the MBBL league.
- Kyle

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